Solvent-free CPU Technology Platform

  • Non-volatile DMF

    Non-volatile DMF——The production line does not contain DMF, uses water-based raw materials to avoid resource waste caused by solvent volatilization,and reduce environmental pollution.

  • No Industrial Wastewater

    No industrial wastewater——The production process does not produce industrial waste water,so no sewage treatment process is required.

  • No Industrial Waste Residue

    No industrial waste residue——No waste residue is produced in the production process, which solves the problem of solid residue and hazardous residue treatment in the existing technology;

  • Low VOC Emissions

    Low VOC emissions - The solid content of materials used in production is 100%, and no organic solvents are used in the process to achieve low VOC emissions

  • Low Energy Consumption

    Low energy consumption - Since there is no need to treat the three wastes, the consumption of water, electricity and human resources required for recycling is fundamentally reduced

  • Shorten The Process Chain

    Shorten the process chain - reduce production equipment, reduce process links, reduce part of storage, and improve production efficiency.

Green Product

    • Energy Saving

      Environmental Protection

    • Zero DMF, low VOC emission

    • Does not contain any harmful solvents and heavy metals

    • Comply with REACH, ROHS, ZDHC and other international standards

    • Recycling


    • No allergenic substances

    • The antibacterial rate of Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae is more than 95%

    • 5-10 years hydrolysis resistance, jungle test temperature 70 ℃, humidity 95%, physical property attenuation ≤ 25% after 5-10 weeks.

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