Faux Suede Upholstery Fabric

Here we have hundreds of fabrics to choose from including faux suede upholstery. Bringing a luxurious touch to your crafts, they are ideal for tailoring, home decor, or just about anything else. Faux suede upholstery fabrics come in colorful colors and various thicknesses and materials.


When it comes to upholstery and design, faux suede upholstery fabric (sometimes called microsuede) is a versatile synthetic fabric that is durable and very easy to style to match your upholstery patterns. Utilizing densely packed small polyester tufted fibers, microsuede has the finish and feel of real suede, while being more affordable and durable than suede, cotton or wool fabrics.


If you're looking for a luxurious leather-like look without the cost and rigidity, suede should be your answer. Available in a variety of microsuede, faux suede and velvet upholstery fabrics. You can shop from top suede brands and find a variety of designs at factory direct prices.

  • Faux Suede Upholstery Fabric

    Faux Suede Upholstery Fabric Frequently Asked Questions


    What is faux suede?


    Suede upholstery is a synthetic fabric designed to have the look and feel of unfinished napped leather. It's made of polyester that's lightly tufted on one side. Faux suede is durable, soft to the touch, and can be dyed and patterned to match your design theme.


    Where can I buy faux suede upholstery fabric?


    If you're looking for a premium selection of wholesale priced faux suede upholstery fabric  for upholstery and drapery applications here, we have a wide variety of colors and designs to buy by the yard. It's easy to browse through the color selection of your choice. All of our faux suede upholstery fabrics are made from the highest quality materials and available at wholesale dealer prices.



    Can faux suede upholstery fabric get wet without damage?


    Because the suede faux suede upholstery fabric is composed of polyester, it has a certain degree of water resistance. If faux suede gets dirty, it can usually be cleaned with a little soapy water. However, it is not a waterproof material, and like traditional suede, the fabric can be damaged if exposed to too much water or humidity. The best thing to do is to keep the faux suede upholstery fabric as dry as possible.

  • What is faux suede upholstery fabric


    Faux suede upholstery fabric is a polyester fabric designed to look and feel like genuine suede. It has a soft, luxurious finish that makes it an ideal choice for furniture and other home décor projects. Faux suede is also much more affordable than the real thing, making it an attractive option for those who want the look of suede without breaking the bank. 


    Faux suede upholstery fabricsdurability and easy maintenance make it a great choice for busy households with children or pets. The fabric is water-resistant, stain-resistant, and doesn’t require special cleaning products or techniques to keep it looking new. With proper care, faux suede can last for years without losing its original beauty.


    What craft projects are faux suede upholstery fabrics used for?


    Faux suede upholstery fabric is a material that can be used to create many things. Artisans use suede for items such as jackets, handbags and even some home décor items. Suede can also be used as a detailing fabric, so it has countless applications in the hobbyist world!

    Faux Suede Upholstery Fabric
  • Faux Suede Upholstery Fabric

    How do I clean faux suede upholstery fabric?


    It is recommended to check the cleaning instructions provided by the fabric manufacturer before attempting to clean a suede fabric. In general, the process of cleaning faux suede is very similar to cleaning real suede. To properly clean your faux suede:


    ▪ Brush dirty areas with a suede brush (soft bristles) to remove dirt and grime. Doing so will increase the lint and help remove any loose debris from the material. For small stains or blemishes, this may be enough to clean the area.


    ▪ After the area has been properly cleaned, dampen the cloth with a soap and water mixture, then gently pat and wipe the dirty area. After removing the stain, dab the area with a dry cloth to remove water and humidity.


    ▪ Allow material to air dry.


    ▪ After the fabric dries, brush the area again to improve the pile.

  • What types of suede can crafters use?


    Before choosing which faux suede upholstery to use, it is important to understand the difference between real suede and faux suede upholstery. Each of these materials has its own properties and characteristics, so knowing the difference between these materials can help you make the right decision for your project.


    When artisans need a material that is easy to work with, they turn to genuine suede. Genuine suede is made from real leather and has a brushed finish - the latter making the material easier to work with and softer than most sturdy fabrics on the market.


    Of course, artificial suede is also the choice of craftsmen. Although this material is not made of real leather, it can provide a similar feel to real suede. However, faux suede is a bit more difficult to work with – something artisans must consider when choosing this material.

    Faux Suede Upholstery Fabric
  • Faux Suede Upholstery Fabric

    Real suede vs faux suede


    Traditional suede materials are made from leather. The leather has been split and the upper grain removed to reveal only the hairy, raised underside. The napped surface is further processed to achieve the desired smoothness and nap height. This technique for faux suede upholstery results in a softer, more pliable leather. Real suede is used for upholstery, but is much more expensive than faux suede and is easily damaged by water and stains.


    That's where faux suede upholstery fabrics come in. An alternative to real suede, faux suede is made from durable, stretchy and stain-resistant polyester. Faux suede upholstery fabrics are much less expensive than real suede, but look and feel very similar. Faux suede is made from synthetic fibers and is available in a variety of colours.


    Indoor decorations

    Common Suede Applications There are various upholstery applications where suede or suede fabrics are commonly used. Soft to the touch and durable, it's perfect for high-touch situations.


    Here are some of the most common uses for faux suede or faux suede upholstery fabrics:


    ▪ Upholstery for sofas, couches, benches and chairs

    ▪ bedspread

    ▪ Footstools and ottomans

    ▪ Upholstered headboard

    ▪ Restaurant seating

Does suede require special care?


faux suede upholstery fabric is a material that is different from other fabrics. Therefore, if the material is stained, it is advisable to remove the stain as soon as possible, as it will affect the material in a more permanent way.


There are special products that will help you remove stains from faux suede upholstery fabric material. Still, there is one important thing to remember when it comes to faux suede upholstery fabric material, more specifically you should never rub a stain like this. Pat the material lightly to remove stains that would otherwise be permanently set in the material.

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