Upholstering With Faux Leather

Faux leather fabrics are super easy to clean, have stood the test of time as a leather alternative, and cost a lot less. In addition to upholstery vinyl, you'll find hundreds of options for boats, cars, RVs, and commercial projects,Upholstering with faux leather is quickly becoming a popular alternative to real leather. It's a great way to get the look and feel of leather without the hefty price tag. Faux leather is made from a synthetic material that replicates the look and feel of real leather and is free of any animal origin. It can be used in furniture, car interiors, purses, shoes and clothing.


Faux leather has many benefits over real leather. For starters, it's more affordable than leather upholstery and a great option for those on a budget. It also requires less maintenance and is easier to clean than real leather, as it does not absorb liquids or stains as readily as natural leather. Faux leather also offers more color options than real leather, allowing you to customize your interior to your taste and preferences.


Upholstering with faux leather is also a more environmentally friendly option compared to real leather, as no animals are harmed during its production. This makes it an attractive option for those concerned with animal welfare and reducing their environmental impact.


Upholstering with faux leather is a great way to create stylish and durable furniture without breaking the bank. Faux leather is an affordable alternative to real leather that looks just as good, if not better, and can be used to create stunning furniture. It's also easy to clean and maintain, making it perfect for busy families. Plus, you can choose from a wide range of colors and textures, so your furniture always looks unique. 


Upholstering with faux leather  is a great way to update your furniture and add some style to your home. Faux leather is a great alternative to real leather that looks and feels just like the real thing, but without the cost or upkeep of genuine leather. It comes in a variety of colors and finishes, so you can customize it to fit any space. It's also incredibly durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Plus, it's environmentally friendly since it doesn't require the use of animal products. Upholstering with faux leather is an affordable way to give your furniture a fresh new look without breaking the bank!

  • Upholstering With Faux Leather

    About Polyurethane (PU) Leather | Upholstery With Faux Leather 


    Faux leather (faux leather) is an artificial leather trim that is used as an upholstery fabric instead of real leather. Upholstery With Faux Leather is produced using a polymer plastic coating applied to a fabric backing. During production, the surface embossed texture gives it a leather-like appearance, making it a very durable, easy-to-clean and low-cost alternative to leather used in furniture and automotive interiors. Synthetic leather comes in many variants and specifications depending on your project. Many consumers choose polyurethane artificial leather, commonly known as pu leather, because it is so soft that it is difficult for many people to distinguish it from genuine leather.


    Upholstering with faux leather is an affordable and durable way to give furniture, cars, and other items a new look. Faux leather is a man-made material that looks like real leather, but at a much lower price. It offers the same luxurious look as real leather but at a fraction of the cost, making it a great choice for upholstery projects.


    Faux leather comes in a variety of colors, textures and finishes to complement any decor style. It is also more resistant to stains and scratches than genuine leather, making it ideal for high-traffic areas such as car interiors or furniture in busy homes. Plus, faux leather is easier to clean than real leather, making it perfect for those who don't have time for regular maintenance.


    Upholstering with faux leather requires special tools and techniques to ensure the best results. Professional interior decorators are trained in these techniques and can help you achieve the desired results quickly and easily. If you have the right tools and patience, you can also do an upholstery project yourself! The main takeaway here is that upholstering with faux leather is an economical way to add luxurious style without breaking the budget!

  • There are many advantages to using upholstering with faux leather.


    ▪ Lower Cost of Materials - Since upholstering with faux leather costs 75% less than real leather, faux leather is a more affordable option. Buy faux leather by the yard, not by the whole hide as real leather usually requires.


    ▪ Water, Stain & Mildew Resistant - PU leather is non-absorbent and therefore easier to clean and maintain than genuine leather. Additionally, many synthetic leather options are treated to resist mildew and stains.


    ▪ Color and Style Flexibility - Because upholstering with faux leather is a manufactured product, faux leather is available in a variety of colors and designs.


    ▪ Resistant to Dry Rot - Most upholstering with faux leather is water resistant, while full grain leather is permeable and prone to rot or crack if not dried immediately after exposure to water. Unlike traditional leather, PU leather will not dry out over time so it will last longer under stressful conditions.


    ▪ SUSTAINABLE & ANIMAL FRIENDLY - Upholstering with faux leather is primarily made of man-made materials, not animal skins.

    Upholstering With Faux Leather
  • Upholstering With Faux Leather

    Common Uses of Upholstering with Faux Leather | PU Leather Trim Fabric


    Faux leather upholstery is often ideal when a leather fabric look is desired or when an extremely durable furniture covering may be desired. The following are the most common applications for upholstering with faux leather.


    ▪ Residential interior furniture decoration


    ▪ Commercial interior furnishing (hotels, restaurants, convention centers, healthcare facilities)


    ▪ Outdoor weather-resistant finishes (outdoor patio furniture finishes, pool area furniture finishes, porch furniture finishes)


    ▪ Marine upholstery (cabin and exterior cushions)


    ▪ Automotive interior


    ▪ Seat materials for commercial transportation (trucks, buses, trains)

  • How do I clean upholstering with faux leather?


    The upholstering with faux leather is very easy to clean and is highly water and stain resistant due to the plastic content in its manufacture.


    The process of cleaning dirt, debris and stains is as simple as dabbing or patting the area with a cloth dampened in warm water until the stained area is clean. Then let it air dry.


    Most upholstering with faux leather will have a surface treatment on the faux leather fabric to provide a high level of stain resistance, abrasion resistance and cleanability.

    Upholstering With Faux Leather
  • Upholstering With Faux Leather

    What are the advantages of using upholstering with faux leather over real leather?


    ▪ Faux leather trim is 75% less expensive than real leather.


    ▪ Upholstering with faux leather can usually be wiped clean with a rag and warm water. Unlike real leather, it doesn't retain moisture, so upholstering with faux leather won't warp or crack. Some new high-performance upholstering with faux leather can remove ink, liquid and food stains with just a dry cloth.


    ▪ Upholstering with faux leather can be purchased by the yard instead of buying full animal skins.


    ▪ Upholstering with faux leather is extremely durable and long-lasting. It can withstand scratches that would normally damage genuine leather. Faux leather does not crack or peel as easily as leather. It won't fade under ultraviolet (UV) light like real leather and is stain-resistant.

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