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What are the advantages and disadvantages of leather


What material is leather made of


Leather is a denatured and non-perishable animal skin obtained by physical and chemical processing such as depilation and tanning. The leather is composed of natural protein red woven tightly in three-dimensional space, and its surface has a special grain layer, which has natural grain and luster, and feels comfortable.


The most common type of leather is cowhide, but other animals such as pigs, goats and sheep are also used. The process of making leather begins with the removal of hair from animal skin. This is done through a process called liming, in which the skin is soaked in an acidic solution.


Once the hair is removed, the skin is then tanned to prevent it from decaying. Tanning can be done using vegetable or mineral methods. After tanning, the leather is dyed and finished to give it the desired look and feel.


The advantages of leather


1. Light and warm, elegant and luxurious. Animal skin is often said to make leather shoes or leather clothing with good breathability and flexibility, making people feel comfortable.


2. The surface texture is natural, smooth and delicate, and has a good feel.


3. Dyeability, plasticity, rich texture, neat incision and high strength.


4. Durable, three-dimensional processing, easy to dye, good ventilation, no static electricity, with animal pore tissue, breathable, sweat-absorbing and warm.


Disadvantages of leather


1. There are few raw materials, uneven supply and demand, high price, high requirements for storage and nursing, so it should not be popularized.


2. It stretches when wet, shrinks when dry, easy to grow mildew, and needs maintenance.


3. Uneven texture, different physical properties, poor parts, irregular shape and size, large cutting loss and time-consuming.


4. Easy to mold, easy to expand when soaked in water, shrink after drying, irregular area size, and natural flaws on the surface.

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